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Our new curriculum

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****DON’T FORGET****

Wednesday, November 27th will close at 1 pm

 We are closed on Thursday November 28th& Friday the 29th for Thanksgiving!



If your child is four years of age or older as of September 1st, Hearing and Vision testing is required. Please get us a copy of current records or Dr. Naz’s office will do the testing for $25 at your request.


Refer a friend or relative to Dar-Lings and receive a free week of tuition. They must be enrolled for 4 weeks before discount is applied.





 We will be going over textures and colors.   Our shape is a circle, our color is brown and our baby signs are diaper and happy.  Our song is “Wheels on the bus” and Eyes, Eyebrows, Mouth and Nose.  







Toddlers I- Age 3

Being able to correctly use words that describe location allows children to communicate more accurately. Examples are in and out, Inside and Outside, UP and Down, Over and Under, On and Off, Open and Closed, Big and Little and Hard and Soft.

Word of the Month – Kindness

Shape – Circle

Letters A – E

Numbers 1 – 5

Color - brown




Private Kindergarten

During this month we will finish talking about make believe giants and begin talking about choices we make, as well as healthy choices and healthy habits.  We will also be exploring rhyming words and story sequencing and retelling.















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