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Dar-Lings Newsletter


Social Interaction plays a central role in a child's development. (Vygotski)


Our curriculum

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Please make sure all children that are dropped off after breakfast time at 9am have eaten at home. After 9am the curriculum has already begun for the morning. 


Parent Referrals

Refer a friend or relative to Dar-Lings and receive a free week of tuition. They must be enrolled for 8 weeks before discount is applied



We take donations! (Gently used toys, books, dress up clothes, puzzles, etc.)




Toddler – age 3

Traditional Songs

Shapes – Octagon & Rectangle

Numbers 1-10

Letters A – J

Sorting & Patterns

New Life

Music is an integral part of a quality early childhood program.  Children need to be exposed to songs, chants and rhymes that span time.  They need to know songs from their grandparent’s generations, their parents and their own generation.  The songs in this theme help maintain threads of unity in a society and culture.




Private Kindergarten

Themes:  Zoo Animals, Bugs, More Bugs, Changes in & around me.

We will explore the following:  Facts about some of the Earth’s most intriguing animals, the difference between bugs & insects and the different types of habits they have, expand their knowledge on creepy crawlies such as spiders & worms, the concept and effects of change, one more, one less, symmetry, how many more, transforming shapes.

Words to be introduced:  Zoology, entomology, metamorphosis, mature.

We are working hard on writing our names, numbers and letters.  Our knowledge of site words and letter sounds are soaring.









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