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Dar-Lings Newsletter


*Happy Birthday to Miss Jasmine on January 5, Miss Leatrice on the 20th.



 2016 Tax statements are ready upon request. Make sure your account balance is current for your statement to be printed.

Public schools will be closed till January 7, then again on January 21st. School age children in attendance those days will need to add $18 to their tuition for the In-service day each day.



We would rarely close due to bad weather, but we would keep you updated on any closings or delays on our voicemail or Facebook.



Refer a friend or relative to Dar-Lings and receive a free week of tuition. They must be enrolled for 4 weeks before discount is applied.



Getting ready for some spring cleaning?

We take donations! (Gently used toys, books, dress up clothes, puzzles, etc.)




Our theme for January is Big and Little. We will be working on Art that goes with the theme. We will be making hand and foot collages, painting objects and animals that are big and little. Our shape is a hexagon and the color & sign are blue. Our nursery rhyme is “Eensy, Weensy Spider”.  Our song this month is “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!




Toddler I

We will be learning about Space this month. Our baby sign is Play, our shape of the month is Hexagon, and our color is Blue. Our song this month will be “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”, and our nursery rhyme is “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. We will be learning about Peace, Respect, Encouragement, and Strength for our Character Values. We will also be doing ABeka pages that teach the color Blue and ABeka winter projects.




Toddler II & Pre-School I

It may be rather cold this month where we live, but we've been talking about places where it's nice and warm. The children have really enjoyed learning about the tropical rain forest and counting the unique animals, birds, and insects in our pictures. We have now learned to count to 30 and recognize numbers 1-8. Kk and Ll are our new letters this month and 8-9 are our newest numbers. Did you know that chocolate and the ginger in a gingerbread man come from the rain forest? Our next review will be on Australian animals. As papers and projects come home, ask your child some questions. You'll be surprised at how much your son or daughter remembers.





The children have made a smooth readjustment to school after the Christmas holidays. We are pleased with the progress made by your child thus far. The children have learned the sounds of the vowels and consonants and are beginning to sound out blends and complete words. You can help your child by taking time to listen to him or her sound out blends and words at home. The children have been learning to cut with their scissors at school. You might find it interesting to try a snowflake project at home some rainy afternoon. Happy New Year.




Transitional Kindergarten

This month we are starting to read our reading books and writing sentences. We are learning to add more and learning to count by 10’s and 5’s. We will be learning new poems and songs, and making winter art from our ABeka. Hope everyone had a great holiday.





In January we will be learning about Space and the Solar system. We will also be going over Martin Luther King Jr., Heritage, and civil rights this month. We are also learning all about Winter and wintertime celebrations. Happy New Year!






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