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Now Enrolling Children 6 weeks to 12 years


Dar-Lings Newsletter


Most children will be attending several demo classes by the 1st week of September. If you would like more information on Dance & Gymnastics, Soccer, or Basketball see the front office. Most weekly classes will begin the 1st or 2nd week of September. Don’t let your child miss out!

If your child is four years of age or older as of September 1st, Hearing and Vision testing is required. Please get us a copy of current records or Dr. Naz’s office will do the testing for $25 at your request.


Breakfast is at 8:30am. If dropping off your child between 8:45-10, please make sure they are done with breakfast before coming so they are ready for their school activities. Thank you!

We will be closed on Monday, September 3rd  for Labor Day.


September Curriculum



Our theme in September is Competent Me. We will be doing activities that work on what the children can do: like walk, crawl, talk, etc and make a scrap collage. Our baby sign is Big, our color is Red, the shape is Circle and our nursery rhyme is Pat-A-Cake. Our song for September is “If you’re happy and you know it”. We are also working on fall and back to school art.

Toddler I

Our theme for September is Little Animals. We will be doing art activities and talking about the different Little Animals, where they come from, and how they sound. Our baby sign is BIG, the shape for the month is a CIRCLE, the color this month is RED, and our song is TWINKLE, TWINKLE LITTLE STAR, The nursery rhyme for September is LITTLE MISS MUFFET. I hope everyone has a great September!







Pre-School I

This year your child will be learning all about God’s world while developing language skills with the help of many animal friends. Your child will learn to count from 1-30 and recognize 1-15. Coloring, painting, and gluing will help develop manual skills, while stories, poetry, and music will aid in the development of comprehension, language, and thinking skills. This month, your child will learn to recognize the colors red, yellow, blue, and green. You can encourage your child by asking him about his/her day at school. You can post special papers at home in a place of honor and be sure to praise him/her for the efforts he has shown.



Pre-School II

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach your child this year. I trust it will be a wonderful year of learning and having good times together. This year your child will be learning all about God’s world while developing language skills with the help of many animal friends. Workbooks have been designed and prepared especially with your child in mind. Coloring, painting, and gluing will help develop manual skills. Stories, poetry, and music will aid the development of comprehension, language, and thinking skills. Your child will also learn all the letters of the alphabet, recognize   numbers 1-15, and count 1-30. This month we have already started learning our basic shapes and colors, letters Aa-Bb, and numbers 1-2. You can encourage your child be asking about their day at school and displaying some of their work at home. Praise them for the efforts they have shown.




School bells have rung to signal the start of a new school year. For many of our K4 students, this is their first real experience in a school situation. These first weeks are being used to help each child settle into school. We will be keeping you informed monthly through these newsletters of what your child is doing in school. Especially about what he/she is learning, but also about their adjustments and fun activities. This month we will be going over the letters Ii & Uu and numbers 1,2,3. Did you know that letters live in houses? I won’t give away all our secrets, but listen each day as your child tells what he/she learned at school.




Private Kindergarten

For the month of September we are learning about self-control and community helpers. We will learn new songs and new poems as well. We will begin our social studies books and begin learning how to write. We are getting ready for fall so we will do fall art with our ABeka art books. Just a reminder that every Friday is Show-N-Tell and also please remember to check your childs folder in the classroom everyday at pick up time for important papers.






This month we will be learning names and locations of various sports teams and study how sports have changed over time. We will examine characteristics of a healthful diet and analyze characteristics of selected sports personalities. We will also learn about seasons changing and we will gather, sort, & identify leaves. We will be able to explain why leaves turn colors in autumn and record the length of daylight during autumn. We will record the temperatures and incorporate leaves into art forms. We will be studying early colonial life and the influence of climate & land on human activity.





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