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Dar-Lings Newsletter


****DON’T FORGET****


We are closed on Monday May 27thin observance of Memorial Day!

Thursday,  May 16TH  Kinder/Pre-K Graduation at 4:30pm

 Now is the time to start looking at what Public School your child will be attending this Fall. Kindergarten Round Up’s will be happening or have already taken place at some public schools. Be sure to notify us as soon as you know so we can prepare for the school year. Also, we need to know if it is a public school we transport from. Keep in mind, we teach Private Kindergarten here. Let us know if you would like more information about Private Kindergarten.



This summer we will be having Wet-N-Wild Day every Friday for the Pre-school Iclass & up. The children will be able to play outside with sprinkler play and various water activities to cool off this summer. Wet-N-Wild Day will begin on June 21st. Please remember to sign a sunscreen permission form for your child so that their teacher may apply the sunscreen you provide, if needed. Also, they should come dressed in their swim suits and have a towel labeled with their name. Since they will be running around on the playground, we ask that you bring them in closed toed/back water shoes. NO SANDALS, please. Don't forget to bring a dry pair of shoes for them to change into afterward along with a change of clothes.  Let's get ready for a fun filled summer!


Refer a friend or relative to Dar-Lings and receive a free week of tuition. They must be enrolled for 4 weeks before discount is applied.


Spring- Sing and Graduation

will be held May 16t 4:30pm. All families are encouraged to attend!


Getting ready for some spring cleaning?

We take donations! (Gently used toys, books, dress up clothes, puzzles, etc.)

Please let the front know if you will be leaving for summer or going part time during the summer. If you are leaving for summer we can let you know how to save your enrollment for the fall. School Age children have signup sheets on the playroom door.




Our theme for May is “ME”. We will be doing art and talking about the parts of our body. Our baby sign is Mommy, our color is Pink, and our shape is a Triangle. The rhyme is “Eye Winker Tom Tinker” and our song is “Are you sleeping?”. We will do activities on Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. We will also be starting art to get our room ready for summer. Have a great month!



Toddler’s I & II

This month we are learning all about “ME”. We will be talking about how we use our eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, feet, legs, and arms. We will be doing art that goes along with our theme, as well as, Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s day, and Memorial day art.Our baby sign is Mommy, our shape is Triangle, and our color is Pink. Our song is “If you’re happy and you know it” and our nursery rhyme is “ Mary, Mary quite contrary”. We hope May will be a great month for everyone and that our Mom’s will have a very Happy Mother’s Day!






Pre-School I

It’s hard to believe that this school year has almost come to an end. All of the children have made excellent progress in their academic accomplishments, and we are very proud of them. We will make our goal of counting from 1-30, and recognizing numbers 1-15. Along with numbers, the children have enjoyed learning about animals, people, and places in God’s world. The poems and songs they have learned will continue to bring hours of enjoyment in the weeks to come. Your child has grown up a lot this year and is excited about the new things he or she will learn in the fall. Let’s have a wonderful summer.




The children have learned so much this year, I’m sure you are proud of their progress. They have learned the sounds of letters and have enjoyed sounding out blends and words. Along with letters and numbers, the children have enjoyed learning about animals, people, and places in God’s world. If your child will be Five years of age by Dec 31st of this year, you may want to ask about our Private Kindergarten program this fall. We have enjoyed having your child in our class this year. Let’s look forward to having a great summer.









We will be talking about our family dynamics and creating family tress. We will indulge in some self-portrait art and uncover things we love about life. This month “ME” will shine through and we will share that with our peers. Our youth will discuss self-esteem and peer pressure.During our study of Media, your child will be engaged in many fun activities.  Check out our Dar-Lings Summer Learning Adventure. We have so many fun-filled activities and field trips coming up. Make sure you purchase your child’s summer shirt at the front desk. T-shirts are $10 each. Have a great summer!






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