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We welcome you to our website.


We want to extend a warm welcome to Ms. Wendy into our school family!  She comes with over 30 years of experience in working with children and the last several years as a Director. She looks forward to create lasting friendships with you all!



We are pleased to offer high quality education and development to the kids in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. Please visit our new state of the art facility located in Dar Medical Plaza.


We are proud to have a secure entry access, observatory windows and cameras in each classroom, watch me grow internet monitoring and computer lab. Our bubble wall and indoor gym is a delightful experience for each of our students.


We offer ABeKa curriculum, a colorful way to promote learning of basic language, numbers and arts. Our teaching principles and well structured curriculum is inspired by the Vygotskian theory,Key to Learning.


Development of language and higher executive functions including working memory in preschool years is the key to success in later years. The aim is to make our little ones life-long successful learners with attentiveness and eagerness. We believe our teaching tactics will reduce the occurrence of ADHD like symptoms including inattention and hyperactivity later in school years.


Our parents love the incorporation of “Your Child Can Read” and ABC Mouse in the daily schedule. We also provide enrichment classes including Dance, Soccer, Basketball and Yoga.


Serving the best... We provide hot nutritious meals including whole milk free of growth harmones and fresh fruits and vegetables.


We are privileged to have an in house board certified medical director, Dr Farah Naz, practicing pediatrics for more than 14 years. Our wholesome menu, well structured and nurturing curriculum and medical policies are developed under her guidance.


Refer a friend or relative to Dar-Lings and receive a free week of tuition. They must be enrolled for 4 weeks before discount is applied.


Easter 2017




Monthly Announcements


Spring- Sing and Graduationwill be held June 2nd at 3:30. All families are encouraged to attend!

Dar-Lings Learning Center will be CLOSED on Monday, May 29th in observance of MEMORIAL DAY!



Please make reservations in advance for drop in’s. Also, please ask the front desk about absent credits if you will be out that week.

Students who will be five by December 31, 2016 will have the opportunity to experience Kindergarten first hand in the month of May. Miss Sheena’s Private Kindergarten class will start hosting visits this month.  This can be a wonderful chance for parents to get ready for the big transition to Kindergarten and discuss it with their child. To register for Dar-Lings Private Kindergarten program, you must pay ½ of the Abeka fee (½ = $75) by May 31st. In August the other $75 of the ABeka fee and the annual supply of $75 will be due. You may start paying these fees’s a little each week if you wish. That way it won’t all hit in August.




Breakfast time is from 8:30-9. If you bring your child their own breakfast, please keep it during our breakfast time as well. Thank you.


Now is the time to start looking at what Public School your child will be attending this Fall. Kindergarten Round Up’s will be happening or have already taken place at some public schools. Be sure to notify us as soon as you know so we can prepare for the school year. Also, we need to know if it is a public school we transport from. Keep in mind, we teach Private Kindergarten here. Let us know if you would like more information about Private Kindergarten.



Please make sure the office knows if your child will be enrolled throughout fall. We can discuss options for each age group, including saving your spot for fall if you will be out during summer.




Summer is here and we are limited to space in our School-Age program. School-Age tuition will be $190 weekly most field trips and all activities included. You will need to buy a summer shirt which will be $10 each. Activities are posted in the classroom. Your child must be signed up for each field trip in advance and must wear their summer t-shirt to every field trip. Children under age 8 will need a booster seat for the van if not already provided.



Please let the front know if you will be leaving for summer or going part time during the summer. If you are leaving for summer we can let you know how to save your enrollment for the fall. School Age children have signup sheets on the playroom door.






Please see the front office for more information on Dance, Gymnastics, Football, Soccer, and Basketball classes.


If you are interested in earning 10%-15% off your weekly tuition or Free Tuition weeks…Ask us how!


We also have Dar-Lings T-shirts for sale in numerous sizes for $10 each. Let us know if you would like a shirt for your child.


If your child is four years of age or older as of September 1st, Hearing and Vision testing is required. Please get us a copy of current records or Dr. Naz is offering to do the testing for you for $25.




Email for more information today!

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